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A Question of Position

Posted on 9 July, 2020 at 11:35

Looking at scripture this week sparked some serious thought. Ready to think deeply and consider something that could change everything for you?


The story is from Numbers 16-18. It is about the rebellion of Korach. Korach stages an organized protest on behalf of the rest of the group who feels slighted by the elevated position of Moses and the high priests. Korach and the rest of those who had chosen to join him in the rebellion were swallowed up by the earth. It would appear the story is about the consequences of taking a position of opposition against a person chosen by the Lord, particularly one in leadership. This is an important lesson and true but I think there is something else to consider which seems to be extremely relevant for this time.


A couple of years ago in the early days of the Five Sisters Project, I succumbed to the temptation of “taking inventory”. I reviewed and evaluated what other organizations and ministries were “gettting” and I decided what I thought was fair or unfair. The Lord brought me up short with a living and active Word about my thought life. Who did I think I was to compare myself to anyone else? He reminded me of the 10th commandment, “Thou shalt not covet”. I thought this commandment was simply about being selfish and desiring what others had. He wanted me to know this command was critical because He is God and He is sovereign in His choices. Whether I had or did not have was not a coincidence, a lack of my striving sufficiently, or someone else’s good luck. He is all-knowing, loving God and He does what He will to accomplish what He intends. My covetousness was an in your face confrontation with the God of the universe about His decisions for what was best for me and others.


The problem is we “do not know what we do not know”. We need to trust the One who knows it all. All, everything, top to bottom, inside and out. ALL.


It occurred to me today that many of the issues we are facing in the current climate come down to these questions: What is fair? and Who is in charge?

Some things I did not get to choose. I did not choose to be in the family or country I was born into, the color of skin I have, or my station in life. Every day, I make personal choices. These impact me and my family. As a leader of a ministry, I also make choices for others. I am human and some of my choices have been good and others have not. One of the best and most important choices I have made is to follow Jesus. His example on how to be a human being on this planet is exemplary and I am a better person because of it but this is not why I surrendered my life to Him.


There is a God, three in one. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is sovereign and He is good. This means He always makes good choices. The Word says He has good plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and I have seen the benefit that comes from being under the protection of the decision to follow Him. But being under the umbrella of His grace does not give me the right to question His decisions. There is a wrestling that comes with that. I do not understand all of His ways and it is hard for me to understand the reasons for the horrible things that happen. I am not mindlessly submitting myself to a power-hungry leader. I have, however, ceased to resist the boundaries that He has set up for my protection. This includes understanding there are higher purposes for the things that I experience like unfairness, hardship, loss, and pain. In order to benefit from His wisdom, I must submit to the understanding that He is working all things out to the good of those (not just me) who love Him (Romans 8:28).


As humans, we want to know things. What’s next? Where are we going? What will it look like when we get there? We look to other sources for answers like horoscopes and palm reading (which the Lord expressly forbids). We like anything that gives us a prediction or a glimpse of the future so we have a leg up on life. We don’t do very well at trusting. The Israelites didn’t, the world doesn’t and as believers, we still don’t. But the Lord asks us to understand that the things we can’t explain, don’t understand, and are out of our control He can still turn into something good. It requires faith. Even when life seems unfair, He is still on the throne.


What do you think about the decisions Korach made and how that applies to you in your life? In the issues that we are currently facing? How would life be different if we could submit to Him and trust Him in everything?


This life is brief and one day we will be face to face with Him. We will have to account for our actions and our thoughts. Personally, I do not want to have to explain why I resented His decisions for the way my life would go or why I decided to operate outside of His will. It seems the lower I go, the greater I seem to understand and gain favor. I mean if it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me. My position is servant and my mission is to hear him say, “Well done.”

-Tracy Muhlenbeck


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